Specialists for printing inks, coatings and press room auxiliaries, currently comprising 40 companies and 130 sites, family-owned hubergroup has announced that they will be increasing prices of printing varnishes and coatings.
In a statement, the manufacturer announced that due to ‘massive price increases of important raw materials for printing varnishes and coatings during the past months, the production costs of several product groups have risen noticeably. Water-based and energy curing printing varnishes are seriously affected because the binder components have become significantly more expensive. The expenses for important basic upstream products, such as styrene and acrylic acid, grew severely’.
The company manufacturers products for packaging, commercial and newsprinting and in 2016 generated sales worth some €820 million. hubergroup employs more than 3500 people worldwide.
The statement further read: “Striving to serve the customers with best quality products and services offered at fair prices, the printing ink manufacturer feels forced to react to the increased cost for water-based coatings and UV varnishes with an adjustment of sales prices by up to 10%.”
Apart from this, hubergroup is now expanding its UV product portfolio by adding an ink system specially formulated for use on non-absorbent substrates.
“More and more printing houses and packers are now taking advantage of the benefits offered by the UV process”, says Roland Schröder, product manager UV Offset at hubergroup. “Rapid curing, rub resistance and excellent gloss are characteristics that are also valued highly by manufacturers of branded food products sold in primary packaging. However, until now it has been difficult to obtain top-quality print results on non-absorbent substrates that also comply with the stringent rules regarding food safety. Our new ink series fills this gap.”