X-Rite and its subsidiary Pantone announced the launch of the next-generation family of portable multi-angle spectrophotometers for effect finishes.
The new MA-T12, a 12-angle device, and the MA-T6, a six-angle device combine colour imaging and multi-angle spectral measurement to quantify colour, sparkle and coarseness.  These new devices allow customers to define and control the extreme effect finishes now commonly used in the automotive, plastics, coatings, and cosmetics industries to reduce defects and achieve more efficient quality assurance.
“The MA-T family represents a significant advance over current multi-angle measurement technology,” said Chris Winczewski, Vice President, Strategy and Product Planning, X-Rite. “The combination of a colour camera and up to 12 angles of measurement gives manufacturers and their supply chain partners an entirely new level of sophistication in the definition and measurement of even today’s most extreme effect finishes. This new technology delivers results that more closely approximate the way the human eye perceives colour, reducing approval cycles, minimizing costly rework, and accelerating time-to-market.”
The MA-T family of portable spectrophotometers has 2.5X the repeatability and 2X the reproducibility of any other multi-angle device on the market when measuring colour, sparkle and coarseness. Both models feature an RGB camera and white light illumination.  The MA-T6 measures color from six different viewing angles while the MA-T12 offers 12 angles of measurement. The MA-T family interfaces with new AutoQC software, a cloud-based solution that ensures that color standards, measurement procedures, and data are clearly communicated and effectively managed across distributed supply chains.
The MA-T12 and MA-T6 are both backwards compatible with X-Rite MA68 and MA94, MA96, MA98 portable multi-angle spectrophotometers and are now available for purchase worldwide.