Zünd has brought to market a PCD polishing bit for finishing acrylics.  The P201 and P201-A have a polycrystalline diamond cutting edge (PCD). Polycrystalline diamond is a high-tech manufactured diamond material that has become indispensable in many industrial finishing applications.
The PCD bit is suitable for polishing any kind of routed edges and grooves. It features a particularly long, 16 mm cutting edge, which allows for efficiently and economically polishing even thick materials in one pass. With a diameter of 5.5 mm, PCD bits can be used for polishing grooves upwards of 6 mm wide. The new PCD polishing bit is optimized for use with Zünd router spindles. As P201-A, this bit is also available with stop ring, which makes it suitable for fully automated routing applications with the Zünd ARC automatic bit changer.