Zünd has released Version 3.0 of its Zünd Cut Center – ZCC software suite with enhanced features like additional and enhanced registration methods to enhance productivity as well as an added, browser-based Dashboard for remote access to all performance and production data.
In a statement released to the media, Zünd has said that . ZCC Version 3.0 now includes refined algorithms for capturing only those register marks essential for determining position, skew and distortion. Consequently, the ICC camera targets only critical marks for capture while ignoring the rest saving time and increasing productivity.
Dashboard, the new browser-based function of the latest version of Zünd Cut Center gives management and production staff round-the-clock remote access to all relevant production data.
At the same time, the software also automatically optimizes cut data for the shortest possible processing time by determining the optimal cut direction, cut sequence and cut path, closing open contours, smoothing curves, etc. Cut Editor also provides functions as crease-counter generation for quality creasing, nesting features for maximum material yield, and a variety of routing features designed to deliver routing quality and productivity.