SPGPrints has unveiled a new RotaPlate Dev & Dry system. As per the company statement, it provides a fast, ergonomic and automated means of developing and drying RotaPlate nickel rotary screens, for narrow web applications, in a one-step, quality-assured process. RotaPlate Dev & Dry replaces the use of a water-gun. The unit, with a 2m2 footprint, also offers environmental benefits.  
    It includes a water filtering and recycling system, and requires no drainage or exhaust; only electricity and compressed air are needed. claims the company. With variable speed modes, RotaPlate Dev & Dry accommodates the complete range of RotaPlate meshes.
SPGPrints says that it has an intuitive human-machine interface that requires only the push of the touch-screen to activate.
Hank Guitjens, commercial manager label printing at SPGPrints comments: “Screen washout is a repetitive and often monotonous job, and one where quality is difficult to control. RotaPlate Dev & Dry is a complete, sustainable system that integrates with advanced imaging devices, to provide optimum quality rotary screens in a standardised workflow for repeatable, high-quality results. This device is a perfect complement to a modern, clean, lean pressroom, where human intervention is minimised.”