Durst has launched the P5 series, a new family of large-format machines targeted at the high-volume industrial production of POS.  The first press in the new range is the P5 250 HS, which will start shipping from April, the company informed.
Durst said that P5 relates to five core features at the heart of the new technology: productivity, reliability, workflow, versatility and print quality. Also included is the new Durst Analytics information platform for pre-emptive maintenance and detailed machine and consumption data to guarantee maximum uptime. The incorporated Durst Workflow is said to provide an in-house developed suite of applications.
The P5 range features the latest MEMS nozzle plates powered by Durst proprietary data-path and electronics. The P5 range presses will also feature advanced user interfaces and remote service capabilities, the company claimed.
Durst Group executive vice-president of global sales Barbara Schulz said, “We have been working on a new printhead platform for a couple of years now, we are convinced that in a few years everyone is going to be using the MEMS technology.”
Schulz added that the P5 range is currently additional to Durst’s portfolio but that the company will eventually start to phase out some of the P10 models.