At the ISA Sign Expo 2018, swissQprint demonstrated that the possibilities of UV digital printing exceed common expectations. swissQprint large-format printers cover a variety of applications in flatbed and roll to roll printing. Visitors at ISA Sign Expo 2018 were shown that a single swissQprint device has the capacity of an entire machinery pool.
Among other features, swissQprint offers the so-called tandem print mode. It enables non-stop printing of larger series by alternately working on the front and rear sides of the table.
The new swissQprint range includes three models: Oryx LED (98×79.9” flatbed, max. productivity 700 ft.2/hr.), Impala LED (98×79.9” flatbed, max. productivity 1938 ft.2/hr.), and Nyala LED (126×79.9” flatbed, max. productivity 2217 ft.2/hr.).