Roland DGA announced the launch of the world’s first laser foil decorator – the DGSHAPE LD-80.
“The personalization market in the Middle East has been in the surge for the past few years. The LD-80 is in line with our drive to expand the personalization market for our customers and this product will set new trends in the Middle East personalization market. The METAZA series have for a long time addressed this segment and the LD-80 is a natural expansion of this range,” Karthik Murugesan from Emirates Computers Co LLC.
“While traditional methods typically perform adequately, they don’t allow short runs, and they can overheat the plastics in some cases,” says Matt Anderson, Roland DGA’s product manager, 3D Solutions. “This is actually where the LD-80 excels. It’s perfect for shorter runs and, with its focused laser, can transfer even small text and fine details to materials like acrylic, ABS and polycarbonate quickly, reliably and with incredible precision.”
“Its small footprint and portability makes the LD-80 ideal for performing on-demand foil decoration just about anywhere,” notes Anderson. “You can place and operate this desktop device in virtually any retail store or kiosk setting, plus it’s easy to transport to special events like street fairs and festivals.”