Japanese post-press equipment manufacturer Duplo Corporation has bought Duplo International, parent of Duplo UK and Duplo France and master distributor for the Europe, Middle East, Africa & Russia region. The deal was completed on 28 February.
Duplo International chairman and chief executive chairman Robin Greenhalgh said the deal came about largely because his two older brothers and fellow shareholders Philip and Alan Greenhalgh were looking to retire. As a result, the Greenhalgh family began talking to Duplo Corporation late last year about a possible sale.
Robin Greenhalgh said that due to our pre-existing relationship, it was a very straightforward sale process and, from a customer perspective, nothing would change as Duplo International would remain a separate subsidiary of Duplo Corporation and operate in the same way as it had previously.
“Duplo Corporation was already a 41% shareholder, but they now own the entire share capital and very generously asked me to stay and I’m very happy to stay on for another three years and probably longer,” he said.
He added that in the longer term the deal would be good news for European customers in terms of an even louder voice in R&D and may result in its Addlestone headquarters increasing the amount of kit it holds in stock.
“It will very much be business as usual, there really will be no changes apart from when you go to Companies House and you see who are the Duplo International shareholders,” said Greenhalgh.
Duplo International’s EMEA headquarters will remain at Automated Precision House, Addlestone, Surrey.