Flexible packaging printers have historically needed to use multiple ink systems to meet specifications such as for surface printing with heat resistance, for PET lamination or for OPP lamination, but SunUno Solimax can meet all of those uses, reducing the number of ink systems needed by the printer.

Solimax, which consists of a range of colour formulations, can be used in both flexo and gravure print processes and is specifically intended for surface printing and adhesive lamination for various end-use applications such as lidding materials, medical laminates and food packaging. It is compatible with both solvent free and solvent based lamination systems.

According to Sun Chemical the product reduces production plant complexity and operational costs because it requires less press returns and less cleaning time.

Sun Chemical European product manager Colin Smith said Solimax was developed to meet a market need and trend: "In western Europe generally print run lengths are decreasing but technical demands in terms of either regulatory or package performance are increasing. This gives an increasingly difficult situation for the printer to manage and operate efficiently.

"With a one-system approach the entire process is simplified. Only one system needs monitoring for regulatory, compliance issues etc, only one system needs assessing for worker safety," he added.