Dubai based Al Nisr Publishing has invested in Ferag's post press processing technology configured with 45,000-generation MultiSertDrum technology and six PolyStream packaging lines that deliver the capacity for more than 60,000 individual foil-wrapped packs per hour, with content that can reach up to two kilograms weight and 35 mm thickness.
According to the manufacturers, on the two MSD-M series inserting drums, it is possible to add up to five preprints and inserts to the main jacket and bring the maximum finished product pagination to 300 broadsheet. While on the six PolyStream lines, further supplements are added to the newspapers inline before they are packaged at a constant production speed in excess of 60,000 copies an hour.
The management team at Al Nisr said that integration-ready concept and dependable technology were the central reasons for working with Ferag. The options for extending the installation have also been taken up, and the system has been upgraded by a StreamStich stitching component and an SNT-50 trimming drum.
The expansion of capacity with added-value functions from Ferag was conducted with an eye on its further utilization for third party jobs, they said. At Al Nisr Publishing, two 45,000-generation MSD inserting lines and six PolyStream packaging lines deliver capacity for more than 60,000 individual foil-wrapped packages per hour.