Post-press manufacturer Kolbus is hoping to extend its reach into the packaging sector with the development of a new board scoring machine, the NM100.
The NM100 cuts grooves into board blanks that can subsequently be folded into high-end boxes. The manufacturer said the new machine enables pack producers to create boxes with crisp corners and a solid finish. The scoring blades can be set to cut at angles of between 90˚and 130˚. It can produce up to 65 components a minute. The blades can be set to cut through to a precise depth, enabling the NM100 to cut through to the last layer of paper or board.
The machine can process boards of 1mm-4mm thickness and widths of up to 700mm, in automatic mode, and 1,000mm when hand setting. Boards can be of any length as the NM100 is a continuous-feed format.
The NM100 is available now in costs between $135,180 and $162,216.
Sales manager Greg Bird said, "What we were finding was that traditional casemaking machines were being used to make boxes for the high-end packaging market, but what they really needed was something that would score the boards."