Sun Chemical will be launching a new multi-purpose ink system, a water-based flexo dispenser program, specialty coatings, a laser marking solution for variable printing, and digital plate technology which provides sharper images than standard plates.  This raft of flexo solutions will be showcased at their booth at INFO*FLEX 2014. 

“Our customers want solutions that meet the high speed requirements of their press equipment, improve overall printing efficiency, and satisfy their customers’ requirements with packaging graphics that pop and grab attention,” said Tony Renzi, vice president, product management, packaging inks, Sun Chemical. “Sun Chemical offers a wide range of solutions for the flexo market that take converters from concept to shelf to meet their individual printing requirements."

Suitable for surface print applications on a number of the commonly used flexible packaging substrates, Sun Chemical’s new SunUno Solimax multi-purpose ink system will 'maximize' press room efficiency while simplifying the overall print production process.

"Narrow web tag and label printers that use water-based flexo inks can now decrease their overall bottom-line operating expenses in ink volume and ink costs by up to 25 percent with the new Sun Chemical water-based flexo dispenser program. The water-based flexo dispenser is unique in that it can make process, blending bases and spot colours all from the same machine," Renzi added.