Ink manufacturer hubergroup has developed a cobalt-free siccative system for oxidatively drying sheetfed inks. These cobalt-free inks have been supplied as an alternative, with characteristics, colour distances and printability remaining unchanged announced the manufacturer.
Due to less increase in pile-temperature during the oxidative drying phase, the drying performance has improved with the new siccative system, showing an optimization with regard to drying kinetics. Rub and carboning properties have thus benefitted. Having been in use for more than three years, the application is bankable. It is because of these  results that the parallel production of both siccative systems is being discontinued, and all sheetfed offset printing inks from hubergroup will be available from now on in a cobalt-free formulation only.
Hubergroup has said in a statement released to the press that it “thus fulfils its corporate responsibility as a printing-ink manufacturer by strengthening the sustainable development of print products and promoting certification by any of the eco-labels”.
Currently comprising around 40 companies and 130 sites, this  family-owned enterprise, with more than 250 years of experience and expertise in the printing-inks industry, manufactures products for packaging, commercial and newsprinting.  In 2016, Hubergroup with its global workforce of more than 3500, generated sales worth some €820 million.