Stora Enso's CEO Says third quarter sales up on production volume increases.  He said: " “During the quarter, we have made a step change in our transformation towards a renewable materials growth company. I am very pleased to announce the third consecutive quarter of sales growth, with an increase of almost 5%. This is mainly driven by our steady progress in the transformation projects in China, Varkaus and Murów. Additionally, a favourable price development had a positive impact. If we look at sales excluding the paper business, it increased over 11%. We will invest EUR 52 million to increase our total dissolving pulp capacity, from 150 000 tonnes to 430 000 tonnes annually at Enocell Mill. Our dissolving pulp is used in the production of viscose fibres for the textile industry. It is a renewable raw material which can replace fossil-based products, such as polyester. This will boost our competitiveness in the liquid packaging board and food service board segments. It will also enable us to take the next steps in the commercialisation of micro-fibrillated cellulose (MFC). MFC can be used for lighter, more durable packaging that requires less raw material."