Avery Dennison has launched its newly formulated adhesive S799P for its portfolio of Tamper-evident Seal Range. The new adhesive eases compliance with the EU Medicine Directive 2011/62/EU, which is designed to prevent “falsified medicines” from entering the legal prescription supply chain, and also applies to some over-the-counter products.
“Drug counterfeiting is a major global problem. Patient safety is compromised by product manipulation and substitution, and manufacturers can experience damage to their brand image, sales, and revenue,” explained Gabriela Gregor, Avery Dennison’s project manager for pharmaceutical labelling. “Our products can change the game in protecting patient safety and safeguarding manufacturer reputation. Even in a world that has become increasingly virtual and digital, safeguarding the physical integrity of some products has never been more important. The need to protect the safety of pharmaceutical products has risen in recent years. Avery Dennison has developed a portfolio of materials designed to reduce packaging falsification and tampering in the pharmaceutical sector.”