Vivid Laminating Technologies is launching two new products: a modular feeder and a printable white foil. Available to order now, the Omni-Flow modular deep-pile feeder and Aqua Aura Printable White Foil will both be commercially available thereafter.  Capable of feeding longsheet stocks of plus-1.1m, the feeder, available to run inline with Matrix digital laminating and foiling systems and for retrofitting with pre-existing systems, uses Swiss-made feed head technology exclusive to the Omni-Flow.
Vivid marketing communications manager David Smith said that the feeder stands out in the market in that it is not fully integrated with Matrix but can be brought in and out for custom jobs at will.
“The Matrix is a semi-automatic system so sheets at the minute are hand-fed,” said Smith.
“If you’re doing 50 SRA3 sheets or business cards hand-fed is fine but what we’re finding is as digital is catching up with litho people are doing longer runs, therefore what they want is a much more automated process. “The Matrix can handle sheets of any length, it’s as long as the roll of laminate is, so if you’ve got really long sheets, six page by-fold brochures for examples, it’s ideal for those types of job.”
The new white foil adheres to coloured papers by first printing black toner to a sheet then applying foil using a Matrix system. Colour images and text can then be overprinted directly on the white foil, meaning the coloured print will show on black and other dark substrates.
The product will be available through the Dynagraph, UAE.