Cron launched a new range of high-speed flexo CTP devices at last week’s LabelExpo Europe.
The latest additions to its flexo line-up are intended for label and packaging applications.
The new platesetters feature precise laser technology, producing standard resolutions of 5,080dpi. The HDI Flexo H+ series has been developed with twice the laser power of comparable products, meaning that it is possible to achieve resolutions from 2,400dpi up to 9,600dpi as standard.
“With our products the quality is high but we keep our prices reasonable and competitive,” said Derek Sizer,  Cron Europe’s regional director. “The other options available are going to be harder to get and more expensive, so we hope to provide for more and more customers as we expand our remit.
“Cron is committed to delivering premium pre-press products that are also very competitively priced, meaning that high quality imaging is accessible for every packaging converter in the market.
“We already introduced three HDI Flexo models over the past two years, and the new models demonstrate the ability to rapidly develop products to meet the demands of today’s packaging markets.”
According to Sizer, the new double-speed platesetters will be available in January 2018.
He said all of the new models are compatible with a wide variety of imaging media including thermal film, digital polyester-back flexo and letterpress plates. The HDI 600H+ and HDI 920H+ models also feature a head and tail clamp to facilitate reliable imaging onto thermal offset plates and dry offset metal-backed plates.