KBA, Sappi and ACTEGA Terra have continued their joint calendar project over the last few years with the launch of a new 2018 calendar, that depicts athletes who push themselves to their limits, whether in speed skating, white water kayaking or motocross. Previous themes have included exotic landscapes, distant cities, underwater worlds, animals and textures. For the 2018 edition, the team was once again on the lookout for images that express activity and inspire emotion. The images also needed to be suitable for high-quality finishes using varnish. As in previous years, the brilliant white cellulose carton Algro Design from Sappi was chosen as the substrate.  The 82 x 58.5 cm calendar was produced using a six-colour Rapida 105 PRO sheetfed offset press with twin coaters. The medium format printer was able to execute nearly all finishing processes except screen printing, which was added offline. For the calendar, many sheets required multiple processes in order to realise the desired varnish effects.  Move X-treme’ is a limited edition calendar and is not for sale. More than 5,000 copies have been produced and distributed to customers and business partners.  As in previous years, additional information on the inks used, the production and finishing details as well as the history behind the images is available on the microsite "".