Making its debut at the recently concluded GulFood Manufacturing 2017 in Dubai, Asepto exhibited its range of liquid packaging solutions in front of the global audiences.
Notably Asepto is the liquid packaging material brand from the House of Uflex – flexible packaging materials and Solution Company. The product portfolio offers pack sizes ranging from portion to family packs with volumes 100ml Base, 125ml Slim, 160ml Slim, 200ml Slim, 250ml Base, 1000ml Slim and 1000ml Base.
Explaining about the way Asepto has ushered open a whole new era of possibilities in the field of liquid packaging by using uniquely novel holographic, multi-lens and embossing effects that have never been seen before on brick packs. Ashwani Kumar Sharma, president & CEO, New Business Initiatives at Uflex said, “The Spectacular products from Asepto i.e. “Spark and Premium” bring in the real innovation that differentiates us from other beverage packaging. Currently the retail shelfs world over are inundated with brick packs that look just the same.
Visitors from 28 countries thronged Asepto’s pavilion, 50% being from Middle East, 30% from Africa.