BST eltromat has launched two new products: the FVG POS 100 sensor positioner and the ekr 500 digital unit touch controller, which feature a completely new commander for web guiding. Both are based on existing BST eltromat products. At Print4All, BST eltromat presented an extensive range of products for quality assurance in web processing. The company focused on web guiding, 100 percent inspection, register control, web monitoring, color measurement and management, workflow, as well as measurement of thickness and basis weight. "The expanded focus of Print4All provided our company with a good setting for the market launch of the FVG POS 100 and the ekr 500 digital Unit Touch. The visitors’ feedback in response to our range – and especially the new products – was very positive," says Paolo Tamburrini, managing director of BST eltromat Italia, summarising his company’s successful exhibition at Print4All. "Many customers tried to operate the controller themselves and they were surprised about the easy use of the ekr 500 digital Unit Touch. Our employees also demonstrated how easy it is to operate the new sensor positioner and integrate it into machines."