UPM Kymi mill in Kouvola, Finland achieved a new record production capacity of 2,452 tons per day on May 31, 2018.
According to the announcement, in terms of specific drying capacity, this equals 389.2 tons per day and meter of working width on the 6.3 meter wide sheet drying machine, which is a new world record for drying of bleached birch and pine kraft.
The Andritz high-capacity pulp drying line enables efficient and very quick switches between birch and pine pulp production within less than 23 minutes and handles the wide production range of 1,550 to 2,452 tons per day.
The EUR 160 million UPM investment project at the mill in Kouvola was started in the spring of 2014. The company made the investment  to strengthen its position in the growing end-use sectors of the global pulp market.
The mill was started up successfully in 2015 and has achieved several production records since then.