Double-width machine launched

Manugraph has announced the launch of its first double width machine, the Smartline.

The machine, with a speed of 70,000 CPH has a web width of 1,400mm, cutoffs of 546, 560 and 578mm as well as a ten roller inking system with spray dampening. It also features a 2:3:3 jaw folder with 48 broadsheet pages, 96 pages tabloid and single or double delivery.

The machine has bearerless cylinders that are mounted on 3-race bearings. The dampening system is spray type with a 10-roller inking system

Flint announces new ‘structure’

 Flint Group has announced a customer oriented organisation structure aimed at enabling customers to have full access to the group’s product portfolio through a single sales contact who will be supported by in-depth technical support.

According to Flint, the new structure will align the organisation to market segments and customer applications.

Product lines that serve the print media market for the production of magazines, inserts, catalogues, newspapers, direct mail

Google pulls plug on its print media ad business 2009-02-01 24

Google is to close its business that sells advertising space in newspapers.
According to Associated Press, the move was a bid to cut costs under the current economic climate.
The California-based Google concluded that its online expertise wasn’t paying off and decided to pull the plug - effective from February 28.
The decision is believed to impact on about 800 US newspapers.
Google’s director, Spencer Spinnel reportedly wrote on his blog: “While we hoped that print