Manugraph has announced the launch of its first double width machine, the Smartline.

The machine, with a speed of 70,000 CPH has a web width of 1,400mm, cutoffs of 546, 560 and 578mm as well as a ten roller inking system with spray dampening. It also features a 2:3:3 jaw folder with 48 broadsheet pages, 96 pages tabloid and single or double delivery.

The machine has bearerless cylinders that are mounted on 3-race bearings. The dampening system is spray type with a 10-roller inking system. The press runs with a multi-motor drive with shaftless technology.  It can take a maximum reel diameter of 1,270mm.

Automation features like close-loop auto registration, remote ink control, ink key pre-setting, a centralised press management system, ink train auto wash, auto web-up and on-the-run folder cylinder settings are also found on the machine.