Press manufacturer KBA has signed a strategic alliance that will lead to it selling Indian presses in the UK.

The German company has teamed up with Indian press manufacturer The Printers House (TPH) to sell each others’ products in their respective markets. TPH will promote KBA web presses in India while KBA will offer TPH’s range of 2/1 Orient web presses throughout the rest of the world.

The deal will enable KBA to offer a lower-tech, lower-cost product to customers in its core markets while boosting its market share in India and capitalising on the growing print market.

Christoph Muller, KBA executive vice-president for web press sales, said: “TPH with its brand name Orient is a respected company in many growth regions worldwide. The tie-up between us will complement our product range and further enhance our standing globally.”

KBA said that the marketing and distribution alliance will be the biggest of its kind in the newspaper industry.