Label maker Avery Dennison participated at Labelexpo Europe 2017 in a booth partly made from recycled label waste.  
Renae Kezar, Avery Dennison’s global senior director of sustainability, said the booth was a fun and visible way to visualise the urgent issue of label waste. “The reliance on liners in the pressure-sensitive industry, and the related waste, is an issue we are keen to address,” Kezar said. “One of our 2025 sustainability goals involves a commitment to help our customers reduce the waste from our products. Another goal calls for us to create more products that have positive environmental impacts.”
Approximately half the materials in the booth were made from label waste collected from Avery Dennison customers. The waste material was recycled, reprocessed and combined with other recycled cellulosic materials into a product called ECOR by Noble Environmental Technologies.  Noble converted the collected waste into panels that were then used in a number of elements of the booth, including meeting rooms, storage areas, technical areas, floors, walls and an activation zone called “Change The Future.”  The ECOR material used in the booth is, itself recyclable. “This ECOR material is fully recyclable into new product after serving its useful life as a tradeshow exhibition booth”, said Noble’s vice president, Derek McSpadden.