Muller Martini was presented with the 2017 Swiss Industry 4.0 Award for its Finishing 4.0 book production line for runs of one copy at the Swiss Industry 4.0 Conference at the TRAFO Culture and Congress Center in Baden. The book production system that won the 2017 Swiss Industry 4.0 Award features a seamless, touchless workflow, i.e. books can be produced in runs of one copy without manual interventions and setup time. The Swiss Industry 4.0 Conference is a practice-oriented event in Switzerland on the topic of digitalization and digital transformation. Apart from this, Muller Martini USA Celebrates 50th Year  and A celebratory cake and assorted libations will be shared daily with visitors to Booth 625, September 10-14. Also they presents Connex Workflow Management System in front of industry journalists gathered to learn more about Connex.