On the eve of celebrations to mark its 200th anniversary, KBA has reiterated its commitment to “profitable growth” by focusing on special press applications.
The Würzburg-headquartered firm is the world’s oldest press manufacturer. Although Friedrich Koenig and Andreas Bauer came up with a steam driven press to print The Times in London in 1814, the year 1817 marked the foundation of the world’s first printing press factory, on the site of an old monastery in Oberzell.
“We are well positioned for the future,” said chairman Claus Bolza-Schünemann. “The future needs an origin. I think we have proven that 200 years is an origin, and therefore there must be a future.” Chief financial officer Mathias Dähn said: “Our focus is on profitable growth. We have said goodbye to cross-subsidies and have zero tolerance on loss-making. This is a very important message internally, and also to investors and the banks.”
The €1.167bn turnover group has set an organic growth target of 4% for 2017 through to 2021, with an EBIT margin of between 4-9% at a group level. It aims to make a €70m gain through optimising its security printing business and service operations, and by integrating its production network and strategic purchasing.
KBA claims an 80% market share in banknote printing, and also in metal decorating and glass container printing. It has a 63% share in large-format offset and packaging printing.