Bobst unveils their latest compact vacuum metallizer machine K5 Vision targeting flexible packaging converters and CPP/PE film producers.
Bobst reports that K5 VISION is a compact vacuum metallizer designed to handle a wide variety of different film types including heat-sensitive films and thin gauge substrates. It can run at speeds up to 2,755 feet per minute, is available in widths from 49 inches to 96 inches and can house roll diameters of up to 39 inches. The powerful evaporation source with a staggered ceramic boat arrangement is meant to provide excellent coating uniformity. It also incorporates easy access to clean the boats and aluminium spools mounted on a removable trolley for easy changing; the full width viewing windows give an improved view of the source and the metallization process.
Bobst further reports that the K5 Vision incorporates the Bobst ECO Mode, which is meant to reduce energy consumption by up to 50% during standby, only delivering energy and cooling water when needed to reduce carbon footprint and save production costs.