PPS. Imaging GmbH has invested in a Xeikon Wall Decoration Suite, including a Xeikon 8500 digital printing system with an X-800 front end and two CMS/WMF walldeco finishing units. The company took the decision towards the end of 2017 in order to service the growing creative market for personalised wallpaper for hotels, cafés, offices, trade shows, events and homes. Installation is due to be completed by the end of March 2018. “We believe that there is further growth opportunity in the interior design market,” says Axel Mausolf, Managing Director at PPS. Imaging GmbH. “Our recent takeover of, an online shop for customised wall decoration and home design ideas, has provided us with a strong additional sales channel for products we can produce with the Xeikon Wall Decoration Suite. We create products using the wide variety of materials the machine can work with, offering an endless range of design possibilities that have a ‘wow’ factor, such as turning a conference room into a wine cellar, antiquity-themed wall designs for museums, or a lounge that appears to be in the middle of a forest.” For PPS. Imaging, this is the second Xeikon 8500 one-pass-duplex solution in a four-colour configuration for single-sided or perfecting printing in a single pass.