Koenig & Bauer has developed ProductionApp as an inventory management and batch tracking tool for use on mobile Android devices.  The basis for the app is the NFC function which is integrated into many smartphones. Use of this technology renders data acquisition in the production hall both simple and reliable.  
The ProductionApp workflow begins in the stores. The storage locations for the various consumables such as inks, coatings, blankets or powder are provided with an NFC tag. The company press release says that within the app, subsequently, storage location tags can be assigned to any chosen article. The app then saves these assignments.  During an inventory check or after receiving a new consignment, the relevant article data are displayed for an individual storage location.
Besides batch tracking for inks, coatings and the like, it is also possible to monitor consumables such as blankets or blades. The company claims  that the app permits the definition of any number of storage locations, and the stocks at different or distributed storage locations can be summarised.
Koenig & Bauer added that three prerequisites are needed to use the ProductionApp: One or more Android smartphones with the Rapida ProductionApp, LogoTronic Professional as the production management system, and a wireless network in the print company.