A study published by has pointed out an apparent decline in the traditional media compared to their electronic counterparts. The study, which was based on a questionnaire of 10,000 participants from different segments of society in more than 14 countries around the world, showed that 36% of the participants read traditional media, especially print media, 46% follow it occasionally, 6% follow press once a week, while the daily print readership accounts for 12%.
The survey results show a global trend towards social networking and its widespread use among different segments of society. It also reveals  the future of smartphone Apps in the content management.
Nasser Al Sarami, CEO of Basma Media, the developer and operator of, said, “it is totally free of any restrictions and censorship, which gives it the power and rapid reach in contrast to traditional media .The new media is consistently gaining ground in light of the increased demand for an expedited coverage of news, a trend which indicates a decline in traditional media versus social media sites and e-news.”