Avery Dennison collaborates for wine and spirits design project. Collaboration between Avery Dennison, Italian design agency Smith Lumen and Italian printer Rotas Italia has resulted in an award-winning design project in wine and spirits. Converters, designers and brand owners are now being invited to receive their own copy of the ‘Black & White’ envelope, with its set of inspiring wine and spirits labels that follow a common design theme. Materials used in the project include the brilliant white Fasson Martele Extra White (finished design ‘Calavera Bianco’); the velvety Fasson Martele Black (finished design ‘Bondi Beach Brew’); deeply textured Fasson Cotton Touch Craft (finished design ‘Ekapa’); deep black Fasson Cotton Black (finished design ‘La Fleur du Mal’); a sensual Fasson Soft Touch White (finished design ‘Echo’); and opulent Fasson Soft Touch Black (finished design ‘Anami’).