Stocks and purchases control is crucial for sustainable company management. It has direct outcomes in financial and operational results.
SISTRADE provided to its customers a system for stocks and purchases management flexible, with  exponential solutions, adjustable to accommodate your company rules and create an actual generation of business management scenario for a faster and more stable growth of your enterprise.
Why Sistrade stocks and purchases management module? Reduction of time consumed; Customized and versatile solutions; User friendly; Good user experience; Good cost opportunity; Management tools via web provide total control of all processes regardless of geographical location; Understand data to capture the 360º view of the company by SmartStatistics which means that you can improve your management decisions on time.
According to the company spokesperson, “The SISTRADE MRP software allows to manage your stocks & purchases them in ten ways and they are listed as, control your suppliers, fast request for quotation, manage your purchases, make a distribution plan, workflow of purchases; precise invoicing; effective reception process; manage your inventory; go mobile and control your numbers.”