Agfa Graphics is set to launch a new version of its Apogee workflow software that automates all pre-press tasks and includes multi-product support to increase printing efficiency.
Apogee v11 will feature a new mechanism to combine print jobs in an intelligent way in order to optimise press time, while also keeping track of the actual order, Agfa said.
Collation marks, signature barcodes and all other marks remain in place and refer to the original order when multiple orders are combined onto a single press sheet using Apogee v11. This will simplify the process of keeping track of the separate orders, allowing for proper finishing.
The company said this reduces plate changes and paper waste, and lowers production costs and a printer’s ecological footprint.
“R&D partially drives changes that we make to Apogee, but we have regular user meetings and our user forum,” said Agfa Graphics product manager for web solutions Laurens Leurs.
Apogee v11 will replace v10 in the market upon its release on 22nd Oct. The software will be offered in both on-premise and cloud versions, with the former option also available via a subscription model.