The print media industry is changing and so are the needs of the print shops. To be competitive they have to significantly increase productivity through a coordinated system that enables maximum availability. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is one of the manufacturer who offers equipment, consumables, service and software solutions that are fully integrated to provide a Smart Print Shop. Last fall, the Consumables and Services divisions at Heidelberg were merged to form the new Lifecycle Solutions division. The new division will offer customers additional packages beyond the existing product portfolio, including services, application know-how and consumables, over the entire lifecycle of the machine. In this way, the customer improves his productivity and competitiveness.

One step in this direction is the launch of a “lifetime” laser head warranty for all new Suprasetters sold from April 2018. “Suprasetter laser heads have proven to be so reliable that Heidelberg is extending the Ultimate 7 program to “lifetime”, says Glenn Plummer, head of lifecycle solutions business management prepress. “We have utmost confidence in our technology to support our customers with this huge benefit and additional security for their investment”, he adds. 

Heidelberg has manufactured imagesetters since 1995 – one of the most successful is the Suprasetter with over 7,000 installations since its inception in 2004. With 6 formats in the family, the thermal unit covers a broad application base with speeds from 17 to 55 pph and many options for connectivity and plate handling automation. The compact internal punching system ensures a small footprint and accurate register every time.

The heart of the unit is the laser head which continues to lead the market for reliability and performance. In 2006 Heidelberg established the first of its kind 5 year laser warranty under the well-known “no worries” program. Confident to pass onto customers the experience and benefit of the very reliable laser technology, Heidelberg followed up in 2009 with the “Ultimate 7” laser warranty. There is no plate count limitation.