Digital printing equipment distributor, Digi Matrix Technologies participated in this year's SGI showcasing their new range of products for digital advertising market. The company showcased for first time in the show products like 3D imaging media materials which has started beta testing, Digi Bend the auto bending machine and Digi Cam CNC router etc. Digi Matrix also has signed a MOU (Memory Of Understanding) with DGI for their new textile machine (Fiber T).

The new Digi Bend the automatic bending machine for the Neon / LED Letters market has production capacity of 100 letters in one day. The machine is aimed for accurate cutting and precise bending with cost effective, less manpower, less material wastage and less power consumption production.

Company could close several deals during the show, which included 5 machines in UAE, 5 machines in Qatar, 1 in Oman, 2 in Jordan, 2 in Libya, 3 in Tanzania, 2 in Kenya and one for Rwanda.