Ricoh gave customers a sneak peak of its new direct-to-garment printer at an event recently.

The firm showed off an AnaJet mPower mP10i desktop device as part of a technology showcase.

Ricoh acquired AnaJet earlier this year. The mPower i-series printers are now fitted with Ricoh’s Gen4 drop-on-demand printheads and use water-based pigment ink.

The two models in the range, the mP5i and mP10i, both print in CMYK plus two whites. They produce the highest quality images on many types of garments,    especially 100% cotton and high-cotton blend t-shirts. Combined with AnaJet’s proprietary RIP software, AnaRIP, and available user-friendly design software, Spark for AnaJet, the mPower is an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain industrial garment printer. At top resolution of 600dpi         the faster mP10i takes around 40 seconds to print a 305x 254mm area. The print is then fixed using a heat press.

The mP5i runs at half the speed. The maximum print area is 356x457mm and print tables are available for various items including t-shirts, sleeves and socks.

 “It produces high-quality, long-lasting results,” explained international technical support specialist Marica Mody.

She said the devices could print onto a range of materials including cotton, poly-cotton, nylon, hemp, silk and rayon.

“We’ve done pullovers and jeans, and also wooden plaques and canvas.”

The mPower i-series printers will be officially launched onto the UK market later this year, when pricing details will be available.