Digital print kit manufacturer Eastsign has launched a flatbed transfer heat press that it said can complete a textile job in one minute.

The FOT series flatbed thermal transfer machines are suitable for jobs such as garments, flat sheets, cut pieces and seat pads, according to the Hong Kong based firm.

Features include a three-way open shuttle for processing large pieces of fabric. Eastsign said the machines boasts an even distribution of temperature and pressure and strong pneumatic pressure for deep ink penetration.

“Our heat press will finish a job in one minute,” said marketing and technical manager Marcus Tam. “It has a simple mechanical design for easy maintenance and is three-side open.

“When the fabric is larger than the size of press, you can leave the fabric on both sides of the kit unlike a conventional heat press.

“When using a normal heat press from other manufacturers there are columns blocking the fabric. Our press is designed for making big tents or long prints.”

The series was launched last month and target users are print shops, tent and clothing makers, he said. It comprises three models.

The FOT-1012-S, with a transfer size of 900x1,100mm, costs US$6,800, the FOT-1015-S, 900x1,400mm, costs $7,900 and the FOT-1215-S, 1,100x1,400mm, $9,400.

Eastsign is based in Hong Kong but has a production base in mainland China, which was established in 2002. 

Products include flexible and rigid media and kit including inkjet Printers, laminators, trimmers, plotters and welding machines.

Eastsign has planned to participate at the SGIA Expo, Las Vegas, September 14–16. In the event they are going to showcase the rotary heat press MOT-H series, rotary heat press SOT series, and  flatbed Heat Press FOT-S series.