Ronald Britton introduces the world’s first plastic-free glitter

Metal powders and glitters manufacturer Ronald Britton has launched what it claims is the world’s first plastic-free and certified biodegradable glitter.
Based on natural materials rather than plastic, Cosmetic Bioglitter pure is designed to decompose completely, like a leaf in the natural environment.

The product is the first glitter to be verified microplastic-free by the EU and officially certified OK Biodegradable Water by TÜV, meaning it is guaranteed to biodegrade in natural freshwater environments.

It is completely durable as a glitter in product, but once it enters the natural environment microbes will digest the glitter, turning it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.
While it has been created for the cosmetics sector, Ronald

Tetra Pak introduces connected platform ​

Tetra Pak has announced the launch of its connected packaging platform, which will transform milk and juice cartons into interactive information channels, full-scale data carriers and digital tools.​

Driven by the trends behind Industry 4.0, and with code generation, digital printing and data management at its core, the connected packaging platform will bring new benefits to food producers, retailers and shoppers.​ For producers, the new packaging platform will offer end-to-end traceability to

Lintec Europe launches easy-to-apply bubble-free labelstocks

Lintec Europe has introduced a range of easy-to-apply labelstocks featuring a ‘micro-canyon structure’ that prevents the formation of air bubbles beneath the label upon application. The labelstock is claimed to be particularly effective for information labels on home appliances or electronic devices, as well as large labels in the graphics market that require a high level of air-release performance. A UL-recognized product, the labelstock is also resistant to blistering caused by outgassing

Marky Andy ups programme

Press manufacturer Mark Andy has ramped up its educational programme in recent weeks, with a series of events designed to provide details of its technology portfolio to a wider audience.

This has included a presence at the Graphics Canada trade show in Ontario in early April, where the company reported interest in its entry-level digital prime label printing technology from Canadian offset printers looking to diversify into the narrow web roll label market. The three-day event allowed Mark Andy

MetsäBoard upgrades its boxboard portfolio

Metsä Board – part of Metsä Group – has created a new, enhanced folding boxboard portfolio, designed specifically to help brand owners and packaging converters tackle the big issues in packaging: saving resources, reducing carbon footprint and ensuring product safety.

Besides being better for the environment through lightweighting, the improved product range offers customer benefits by boosting brand appeal with its enhanced and balanced visual properties. The refreshed, simplified selection of