Sharjah based, AL Mufeed Printing Press LLC started in 1994 and they offer a wide range of commercial printing services like offset, silk screen and digital printing right from design to final dispatch. Managing director, Muneer Abdul Qader explains the advantage of the Komori Four Colour Offset Printing Machine LS429 with inline coater and extended delivery that they have recently purchased



What does the machine do?

The Komori LS429 is a four colour offset printing machine equipped with inline coater & extended delivery. The coating system is a chamber coater system with IR/HA system that can dry water based coating applied inline with the four colour printing.


Why did you choose this particular machine?

The ability to handle different paper stock right from thin paper to thick boards is a big plus for the machine in addition to printing without the need for alcohol. Doing away with alcohol makes the machine environmentally friendly, and the difference can be felt in the factory when no alcohol is used. The other major advantages are the perfect ink-water balance, and the dot gain which is the least among all manufacturers. We dare to say that the machine is absolutely maintenance free resulting in higher productivity and very low cost of ownership.


Did you look at any other similar machines? And which ones?

Yes, we did compare and evaluate proposals from other major manufacturers & found Komori LS29 from Prestige Graphics to be the perfect choice.


Which features do you particularly like?

There are four features that we particularly like in this machine: Komorimatic dampening that does not require alcohol at all thereby improving the quality of air in the printing room and also the quality of the print; Very fast make-ready with least amount of paper wastage; Because of least dot gain and excellent ink-water balance, even if we increase the solid density beyond the set values, the dot details in the mid-tones are not affected resulting in better contrast of image and good print quality; Extremely reliable automation.


Is there anything you dislike or wish it had?

As nowadays the print runs are short, we really wished that this machine was equipped with Komori’s HUV system. We are currently studying the possibility of adding another similar machine with this facility.


How fast is it?

Depending on the work and paper stock, we have achieved the machine’s maximum printing speed of 15,000 sheets per hour without compromising on quality.


How reliable is it?

As mentioned, the machine is absolutely maintenance free.


Who do you think it is suitable for?

It is suitable for both commercial & packaging printers.

What kind of response have you had from your clients?

The response from our clients has been extremely positive, both in terms of the quality of the product and our delivery times.


How easy is it to use?

As the machine is highly automated, it is extremely easy to operate the machine with least manual interference.


How much time or money has it saved?

Time has definitely been saved due to very fast make-ready, and since time is money, this has resulted in increased revenues for the company.


Would you say that it offers value for money?

Definitely yes, without a doubt.


Were there any difficulties experienced during the installation or after?

Prestige Graphics ensured a smooth and trouble free installation.


Has it won you any new work?

Yes, Several.


What about the pre- and after-sale service?



Under what circumstances would you buy another?

Since the machine is performing beyond our expectations, we have absolutely no reservations in purchasing another machine. Of course, the next machine should be equipped with Komori’s HUV system.




User’s verdict
Speed ★★★★
Quality ★★★★★
Reliability               ★★★★★
Value for money       ★★★★
Ease of use ★★★★

Supplier’s Response 

Be it any kind of material, and be it any quantity, right from very short print runs to long runs, Komori’s unique Offset on Demand HUV solution can meet the requirements of the printer thereby bridging the gap between offset & digital print. Komori’s unique solution provides offset quality with digital efficiency thereby enhancing the efficiency of the entire press multifold without compromising the quality of the finished product, and benefitting both commercial and packaging printers


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