Recycling of machinery and consumables like paper, cartridges can bring benefits to the business and environment, creating a win-win situation for all.

While some printers are known to purchase pre-owned equipment and machinery, refurbish it and effectively use it to drive down costs and improve profits, others are proactive in recycling paper and cartridges, keeping tonnes of material out of landfills, benefitting the environment.  Suppliers too have a role to play in encouraging recycling, not counting it as an unnecessary expense, but a CSR exercise which can serve to improve the brand value of the company.

   Though cost is a critical factor in tipping the scales in favour of buying a second-hand machine, it should not be the only one. With a brand new machine, it can be a trouble-free ride for 3-4 years, something that can’t be guaranteed with a used press.

   This issue of PrintWeek MEA features an exclusive supplement - a curtain raiser for the much awaited Sign and Graphics Imaging Show 2016.

Our Better Business feature cautions printers against sloppy security that  makes print shops easy targets of hacking by cyber criminals, the Technology Report examines  the prudence and necessity of having a social media policy to keep the staff and print house’s  name out of the media minefield.  

As we close the last issue of 2015, PrintWeek wishes its readers - A Very Happy New Year.


Shilpa Jasani is the editor of PrintWeek

MEA magazine.