Most printers usually focus on number of orders, price factors, staff issues and machinery degradation, rarely giving even a fleeting thought to their own corporate identity.

     In a vast majority of cases, regional printers follow the same policies that have been pursued for years, never making re-invention a priority. Archaic sounding company names,  old fashioned logos and decrepit websites.  That professional corporate identity should be given its due is something that completely escapes most print houses in the never-ending race for orders.  

     Having said that corporate identity is not merely company name and logos, rather a more comprehensive, multi-layered approach to distinguish the printshop from their rivals. When investment is made in machinery to add new verticals or market segments, the corporate identity should reflect that. Overt and covert marketing (or branding) both need to go hand in hand. The corporate ethos and values need to be constantly highlighted. In many cases, rather than focusing only on selling its goods and services; professional, forward thinking companies have walked an extra mile to sell their ‘image’ or ‘reputation’ as well.

   This issue of PrintWeek MEA features a special coverage on Paper World, an informative article on the advantages of embracing new ways of training, while the star product details editing and production tool - Pitstop Pro 13.1 from Enfocus.



Shilpa Jasani

Editor of PrintWeek MEA magazine.