Dynamic printhouses are constantly reinventing themselves to find their niche areas, that extra something that helps them lift clear of competition.  This could be in the form of specialization like 3D on different materials, direct-to-textile printing,  photobooks or calendars, or catering to the education or pharmaceutical sectors; or expansions in related fields like packaging, print on demand or variable data or interior decoration industry.  Rather than become the Jack-of-all-trades, honing one’s skills to become market leaders ensures long term longevity of your  business.
It is heartening to see the winds turn and move in favour of printing industry least in the marketing sphere.  Targeted print is making a comeback in the form of promottional material, direct mailers due to digital fatigue setting in. Customers are wary of blanket or ‘junk’ emails, unsure of their authenticity.  In that context, print has more credibility.
This issue of Print Week MEA features an article on retail giant Amazon.  The ‘modern day speed-specialist demands shorter deivlery times, in fact getting accustomed to same-day delivery’.  Even print production facilities are now geared up to deliver products in ever-shorter turnaround times.  And printers are adapting to this need of offering turnarounds of just four hours or less.  
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Shilpa Jasani is the editor of PrintWeek MEA magazine.