As I write the last editorial of 2017, I look back on the year which brought with it a fair share of trials and  tribulations, hopes and fears, challenges and nail biting moments. Will 2018 be the harbinger of good news? Maybe, maybe not.  And what could be playing on the minds of print suppliers?  Is it that printing become a price-driven commoditized market? Is price the only governing factor in decisions to allocate jobs?  One industry veteran said: “We seem to be moving to the lowest priced spectrum with contracts won on lowest prices not quality. Presses and clients are looking for cheap options in every sphere and quality is suffering. Still I am optimistic that this market correction will leave the best man standing in the end and the market place will clean itself out to a great extent.”  So rather than becoming commodity suppliers, printshops could remodel themselves into becoming providers of expert advise and  specialists. And technology should be viewed as ‘constructive’ rather than ‘disruptive’.
The Better Business feature in this issue of PrintWeek MEA examines how networking can be effectively used to enhance the profile. The new business mantra is ‘social media is fundamental part of our daily sales strategy. You can network seven days a week now and engage with customers and prospects outside of the transaction.’ 
Hope you enjoy reading this issue of PrintWeek MEA just as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.  

Shilpa Jasani is the editor of PrintWeek MEA magazine.