Ulfex Limited participated at the Beauty World Middle East, which was held at Dubai World Trade Centre between 8 - 10 May 2018. During the show, they have promoted their products from Flexi tube portfolio and few more.

Talking about their participation, Ashwani Sharma, president & CEO, new business initiatives of Uflex Limited, commented, “As a testing, we have started to participate in the Beauty World Middle East before four years ago and in the wake of seeing the result, we proceeded with every one of the editions. We are a billion dollar company and we have factories for films in America, Poland, Mexico, UAE and Egypt. In the last edition of Beauty World, we showcased our products from Tube division and the response was very good. The customer graph is growing up and there is a natural conversion of customers. Especially, in the cosmetic tube, oral care tube and pharma tube, we are seeing an increase in the customer graph. Currently, customers are very happy with our Flexi tube products, which was showcased during the event. Out of the entire editions, I trust this will be our best and each client demonstrated their enthusiasm towards our item. Middle East market is presently undergoing corrections, which is very good for the industry. Our products are developed in the last 24 months and the sale started to happen in the last 12 months in tube division in Middle East market. Moreover, clients who were utilizing our items have expanded their volume with us.”

He further added, “In Uflex, I look after business like, Asepto liquid packaging, big bag cement, and consumer tube division. We always concentrate on recyclability and every one of our items are recyclable. Our DNA always revolves around engineering a product that creates value to the customers and even the whole organization thinks the same. Our latest product Optika, is one of the unique products where customers can do printing in the inner layer of the tube. Every one of our items are extremely unique and it is difficult to counterfeit the products. Our customers are realizing the value of products, which is one of the reason we grew around 100% in the last twelve months in tube division. Again, counterfeiting is one global concern and and everybody is attempting to discover an answer for this. However, we ensure that our products are aesthetically very communicative and it can't be duplicated effortlessly."

Ish Dhawan, head-new product development, Uflex Limited, said, “We showcase our items in view of three standards like, style, obstruction, and against forging. At present, couple of clients are utilizing aluminum for the items so the recyclability is troublesome while utilizing them. To tackle the barrier issue, we are at present dealing with an answer, which can be utilized as a substitution property and soon we will unveil a barrier property to defeat the challenges. Once more, we focus more on anti-counterfeiting and that is the reason we assure that none of our items can be replicated. In addition, we spend a lot of time on research and development for each and every product before introducing to the market.”