Kodak Sonara
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One of the oldest printers in Bahrain, Awal Press has invested in the digital press from Kodak - the NeXpress SX3300.

“We decided to go for the Kodak NeXpress SX3300 digital production colour press due to its impressive colour quality”, said Khalid Juman, managing director at Awal Press.

“After testing, we decided on this press because we noticed that the colour and imaging quality that it produced far outweighed that of the others we tried. Since installing the new system we haven’t been disappointed - our turn-around times have decreased, and the NeXpress has helped us develop our product footprint, giving us the confidence and differentiation needed to approach new customers in the country. Digital is definitely the way forward because it allows printers to enter an entirely new league with their printing. We firmly believe that digital solutions can complement all traditional printing operations, and our new digital press has exceeded our expectations. More importantly however, it has surpassed the expectation of our clients.”

As the first digital press operation in the country, Awal Press has been in the Bahraini printing industry for 50 years, specialising in marketing collateral for government, telecoms and several industry magazines. Located in 75,000 square feet plant in Tubli, Awal Press is in the forefront of the list of over 40 Bahraini print shops migrating to digital. 

“Our NeXpress SX platform represents the latest in Kodak innovation for commercial, photo and in-plant printers, and will no doubt drive higher margins for our customers,” said Komal Sharma, Kodak’s managing director for emerging geographies for the Europe, Africa and Middle East region. “We look forward to seeing this technology boost the print landscape in Bahrain as it enables print service providers to maximise productivity, expand revenue opportunities with higher value applications, and increase return on marketing investments.”