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Jacky’s the authorised partner of Artec 3D for the GCC region unveiled the world’s first high-speed full-body 3D scanner for 3D portraits for the first time in Dubai. Shapify Booth was at Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Show (DEAL) 2015 from the 14th to the 16th of April, and enabled customers to experience 3D technologies firsthand in a way that was easy, fun and affordable. 

Artec Shapify Booth includes 4 wide view high resolution 3D scanners which rotate around the customer, built-in lighting system, a high speed processor and 3D modeling software. The Booth scans customers in only 12 seconds; in 5 minutes a detailed 3D model is created automatically, and in 15 minutes, the high-quality 3D-printable file is completed. These high-precision scanners, used in the aerospace, medical and manufacturing industries to guarantee quality control, capture even the slightest specifics, down to wrinkles on clothes.

Ashish Panjabi, chief operating officer from Jacky’s commented, “It was great to collaborate for their first Shapify Booth in the UAE. We are optimistic that ‘Shapie’, 3D version of your body will take the ‘selfie’ concept to the next level.  As 3D printing and scanner suppliers, we are in a position to give a complete proposition to clients in the region. The price range of the 3D printer starts from $1633 to $1.098 million. Many customers are buying for the home usage and that is a good sign for the 3D industry. We have been watching the 3D industry for a long while and we are continuously creating awareness to the people through events and marketing tool so that they shall recognize where they can make use of it. For instance, we can scan the teeth and print using the certified material which is more beneficial for the dental field. Likewise, it has several benefits irrespective of any industry so currently we have ghettoized our target industry and vivaciously creating awareness.”