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Zeej Print has invested in Mimaki Flatbed 3042HG Printer for their new Dubai branch which is located in Business Bay where the investment came around $70,000.

Speaking about their investment, Ahmed Siddiqui, production manager from Zeej Printing, commented, “Quality is always our main concern and through this investment we would like to offer high quality gift items to our clients in UAE. We were using the same Mimaki machine in our Saudi branches and after using it for a while we found it reasonable for our applications. The flatbed ink jet printer “UJF3042HG” enables printing on a wide range of printing application by direct printing with 150mm high. Digital data printing provides more detailed and flexible responses to customer’s needs than the printing method using print plates. Automatic ink circulation system “MCT” (Mimaki Circulation Technology) prevents pigment sedimentation. This system provides efficient white ink consumption, thus reducing white ink waste. Additionally, the “MCT” offers more stable white ink-jetting. The new nozzle recovery functions enable printers to keep on printing in excellent quality until service personnel arrive at the scene.”

He further added about their company plans and specialization, “We always trust in digital technology and that is why we have all our digital machines from all the leading brands so through this investment we would like to offer more services in short turn around time without compromising on the quality which is always our primary objective. Finally, we believe that through this new venture from Business Bay, Dubai we will serve and fulfill all the customer expectations.”