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Bahrain based Dar Akhbar Al Khaleej Printing and Publishing House has invested in a thermal CTP from Agfa - the Avalon N8-60XT. The printer was purchased from Giffin Graphics.

 Explaining the rationale of this investment, Samuel Paul, manager - operations, said: “We rely on the quality, efficiencies and reliability of Agfa as well as  Giffin Graphics for support. This addition which is the third CTP in our facility, will help expand print capabilities and production efficiencies even further, while continuing to offer our clients the highest print quality.”

“The new AGFA CTP system will be faster, more efficient and generate better colour and print quality results. The new technology will enable a faster turnaround time for our pre-press and press crew to produce the Dar Akhbar Al Khaleej newspaper, The Gulf Daily News and other newspapers throughout the region. This shows a strong commitment to the viability of the printed newspaper and helps us to continue to grow our commercial printing business.”

Avalon N8-60XT is an external thermal drum plate setter featuring laser technology with a throughput of 43 plates per hour. 

Paul adds: “Avalon N8-60XT series is equipped with GLV (Grating Light Valve) maging Technology, featuring both the GLV and a solid-state laser diode bar, results in a large number of beams, ensuring an exceptionally fast imaging speed. All N8 series come with a standard Ethernet connection providing direct interfacing with the Apogee workflow.”

“With Agfa’s premium quality Energy Elite Pro double-layer thermal plate, the maximum throughput with high-quality imaging is achieved. At 200 lpi, the innovative double-layer technology delivers 1-99% dot resolution.”

Dar Akhbar Al Khaleej was Printing and Publishing House established in 1987 as an integral part of the Hilal Group of Companies.